The main theme of my work lies in a curiosity for the human condition, the constant fluctuation of the human soul, its incompleteness, contradictions and strugglings. This inner landscape opens itself to me as infinite and fragmentary, and in my art I find it important to grapple with what is genuine and real under these many layers of complexity. I am working with these themes in relation to colour, the flatness of the canvas, and the paradox of how this opens into spacious content. I see the figures on my canvas as observers of life it self, without an escape from breath, heartbeat, dreams and anticipation of the unspoken.

Trude Semb

Curiculum Vitae


1996-1999 Private student under Professor Rados Dedic
1998-1999 Six months art studies, New York
1989-1992 Institute of drawing and painting, Oslo

Solo Exhibitions

2018 INTO THE WOODS/Finnskogutstillingen, Norway
2016 MY EYES HAVE SEEN YOU/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmak
2009 MENSCH/An Allegory Of The Lost Circus Gallerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2007 NORDIC COOL Semb/Jebens Event, Czech Republik
2006 A VIEW FROM THE EDGE/Gallerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2003 THE LOOKING GLASS/Gallerie Brama, Warszawa Poland
2003 HALL OF MIRRORS/Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg Denmark
1998 ARBITER Semb/Dedic Project Kongsberg Art Association, Norway
1993 OIL ON CANVAS UNI/Storebrand Art Association, Norway
1992 FIGURES/Naufgården, Norway

Group Exhibitions

2018 ART HERNING/Galerie Wolfsen Herning, Denmark
2017 SCOPE MIAMI BEACH/Galerie Wolsen, Miami USA
2017 NORTH ART FORUM/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2017 CIRCUS WOLFSEN/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2017 HERNING ART FORUM/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2016 SNOWBALLS and PALMTREES/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2016 NORTH ART FAIR/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2016 SCOPE BASEL /Galerie Wolfsen, Basel Switzerland
2015 SCOPE MIAMI BEACH/Galerie Wolfsen, Miami USA
2015 LA ART SHOW/Galerie Wolfsen, Los Angeles USA
2014 MASTERPIECES/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2012 COPENHAGEN ART FORUM/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2005 COPENHAGEN ART FORUM/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2004 HERNING ART FORUM/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2003 COPENHAGEN ART FORUM/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2003 STOCKHOLM ART FORUM/Galerie Wolfsen, Sweden
2002 COPENHAGEN ART FORUM/Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark
2002 TROIKA DES NORDENS Kunsthalle Arnstadt, Germany
2001 NORWEGEN FESTIWAL Washhaus, Potsdam Germany
1998 MILLENIUM Semb/Dedic Project Galleri 2000, Norway
1996 MIRABILIS Semb/dedic Project Holmsbu Art Association, Norway
1994 STELLA Semb/Kloster Project, Norway

Collected by

2016 Aalborg Zoo
2015 Hans T. Gonder/Gonder group, Germany
2015 Christian Rignes/Eiendomsspar, Norway
2013 Øistein Landvik/Union Gruppen, Norway
2012 Den Danske Bank, Denmark
2010 Christian Ringnes/Eiendomsspar, Norway
2009 Marek Vydra private Collection, Czech Republick
2008 Christian Ringnes/Eiendomsspar, Norway
2007 Nils Jebens/Kampa Group, Czech Republik
2006 Marek Vydra private Collection, Czech Republik
2006 Martin Nilsen Private Collection, Denmark
2005 Steven Tyler Private Collection, Boston U.S.A
2005 Robert Schreiber Private Collection, New York U.S.A
2005 J.E.Epstein Private Collection, New York U.S.A
2004 J.E.Epstein Private Collection, New York USA
2003 J.E.Epstein Private Collection, New York U.S.A
2002 J.E.Epstein Private Collection, New York,U.S.A
2002 Den Danske Bank Denmark
2000 Robert Schreiber Collection New York U.S.A
2000 Concept Communication, Norway
1998 Kloster A/S, Norway
1997 OSO Hotwater, Norway
1993 UNI Storebrand Art Association, Norway

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